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April 6, 2012 | By Linda Bond

Hey everyone!

Been almost 2 weeks since I wrote my last post. I have been busy working on my other website, but have something big planned for my blog and social media accounts and need ideas for a logo.

I have been thinking for almost 2 weeks and have come up I need your ideas, colors – anything!!

I need to get this logo ASAP as someone is waiting on me and feel bad for making them wait…so if you can help, that would be great.

Also, you may notice from time to time that the blog may not look the same as the last time you were here. I am currently in the process of trying to come up with the right look so if you see it is out of whack – like the posts are at the bottom or something it is because I am playing around with things – but there is no reason why your posts shouldn’t go through :)

OK – thanks guys and gals.

Back to work for me and hope you all have a Happy Easter!!

1 Sergio Felix
Twitter: ITSergioFelix

Hey Linda,

I think the site is looking FANTASTIC.

About the logo I don’t know, you have a name that revolves around businesses, maybe a girl that looks like a business person?

I’m totally clueless. Hope you find the right design anyway.

Take care! ;-)

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2 Linda

Hey Sergio,

So happy you like the new lay out.

You just gave me an idea for my logo – thank you!! I won’t go into details here, but I think I have it :) Now to just get it designed.

Thanks again and you take care yourself ;)


3 Shamelle@BetterBloggingWays
Twitter: BetterBloggingW

A logo has the power to create recognition and brand value for your business. It will speak to the consumers even before you can get an opportunity of interacting with them.
So if you choose a logo that is unique and memorable it will remain etched in the minds of the viewers.
If you are not getting any where in coming up with a logo, outsource it. For a few dollars your return on investment may be more…

Also I don’t think you should spend a lot of time thinking about it, these are really trivial matters and your time would be much better spent doing something else. Just saying…
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4 Linda

Hi Shamelle,

Welcome to my blog!

A logo is in the making, as I hired someone on last night. Looking forward to seeing the end results and then moving forward. I don’t know if you saw my blog before I changed it over, but it was not very attractive. So, now with the new theme and this logo, hoping it will grab attention and get some more people stopping by :)

It will also be on all my social media sites so I am looking forward to seeing how it all comes together.

Thanks for stopping by.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

5 Pauline
Twitter: PaulineBennett2

Hi Linda

Your blog is looking good now and I can’t wait to see your new logo! I keep thinking I need a new one but have been a little busy the past couple of weeks! I started the 30 day Blog Challenge so trying to keep up getting a post out every day this month!!

I will be back soo to see the finished product :)
Have a great day
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6 Linda

Hi Pauline,

Still waiting for my logo, hope the guy pulls through for me!

I am not familiar with the 30 day blog challenge, but best of luck :)

I’ll post again when I get the logo on my blog.

Thanks for stopping by!

7 Adrienne
Twitter: adriennesmith40

I LOVE this look Linda as you probably knew I would. I love the clean white simple look so once you add a little color like in your logo and perhaps your opt-in box then all will be good.

Sounds like Sergio already gave you a good idea. Thank goodness because this is not my area I’m afraid. I have to rely on people to help me too. Can’t wait to see the final look but you keep playing until you get it like you want. I LOVE Thesis so welcome my friend.

Have a great week Linda. I’m really excited for you.

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8 Linda

Hi Adrienne,

So happy you like the new look :) I’m still waiting on my logo, but looking forward to it bringing in some extra color.

The idea to switch to Thesis was not an easy one, but it definitely makes it look a whole lot better.

I’ll let you know once the logo is done.

Thanks for stopping by.

Enjoy your week!

9 Barry Wells
Twitter: barry_wells

Hi Linda,

Your blog is looking good, it’s nice, clean and fresh.

I’m not very good when it comes to design or colours, being colour blind is a bit of a hurdle that i have to face at times. I once bought a pink push bike thinking it was grey. I paid £75 for it and sold it the day for £25 to my niece, well pink wouldn’t go with my tattoos :lol:

I’m really pleased that you’ve been able to decide on a logo, and with the first comment…. way to go :)

Can’t wait to see it Linda, best of luck mate :)

Take care, Barry
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10 Linda

Hi Barry,

Glad you like the new clean look :)

I didn’t know you were color blind…that is funny about the pink bike. I would imagine that not only did it not match your tattoos but you would probably have really stuck out in the crowd :)

I am still waiting on that logo, had to hire someone else as the first person didn’t come through. I’ll let you all know when it arrives.

Enjoy your weekend!

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