My Blog was Hacked or Hijacked!

March 1, 2012 | By Linda Bond

Hey everyone!

I normally don’t post so many new posts this close together, but I wanted to share something with you that I thought maybe can help you in the future if God Forbid your blog or website gets hacked or hijacked.

So what do I mean by that? Well, yesterday morning I was here on my blog getting ready to respond to a comment that came in overnight and making sure my last blog post with Barry Well’s video challenge went off without a hitch…it was scheduled (gotta love that feature). Anyway, I decided to take a look at my blog and I couldn’t believe what I saw!!

Terror! Everything was literally out of whack. The side bars were at the bottom, the header portion was distorted and I was seeing words in there that I have never posted about, the titles to all my blog posts where in html format with some other crappy words inserted and so I went on a mission.

I first went through all my coding to make sure nothing was out of whack and then thankfully I had another blog that I used for that last video post (well not the exact same one as I deleted it) and I was able to do some comparisons and all looked ok, then I remembered an add-on that I have on Firefox. Well, here is a video I made. I just wished I had saved the original on Firefox so you could really see how I figured out what I discovered.

If you have any questions, please let me know and of course I always like hearing your comments :)


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1 Elena Anne

Oh that is my biggest fear! Is there any way to prevent the hacking? Is it good to save the code in a folder, and have it for such a situation for recover?
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2 Linda

Hi Elena,

Yes there are multiple ways to prevent hacking. I just discovered this site yesterday, actually. There are tons of videos – all FREE that will walk you step by step on various different ways to secure your site. Now these are for wordpress sites. If you don’t have wordpress your hosting provider should hopefully offer a backup system which you should utilize daily.

Go check this out, like I said – completely FREE! I haven’t gotten through all the videos yet as there are a LOT!

Hope this helps!


3 Harleena Singh@Freelance Writer
Twitter: harleenas

Sounds unbelievable Linda!

But after hearing about your site and all that happened, I just fear that it can happen to just about anyone! I guess have to be extra careful now.

Thanks for sharing the wonderful video about it all :)
Harleena Singh@Freelance Writer recently posted..How to Nurture the Perfect Woman Within?My Profile


4 Linda

Hi Harleena,

Yes, anyone’s site or blog can be hacked into, unfortunately. There are tools out there that can help you prevent it, but they are not always fool-proof.

Just be sure you are backing up your blog just in case something does happen, at least you will have something you can go back to instead of having to start all over again.



5 Dee

Hi Linda
I am so sorry you had your site hacked. I recently had problems with my laptop and had to get my IT guy to fix it. Apart from the inconvenience of being without my laptop for nearly a week, it cost me money I could ill afford.
Security shield is a nasty virus that is resitant to even some of the expensive virus software. I now ESET NOD32 which is relatively cheap.
It has warned me several times of sites that are going to put me at risk so I am happy with it.
There are some really nasty people out there.
I am glad you got things sorted.
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6 Linda

Hi Dee,

Yeah, there are some sites out there that do evil things – still haven’t figured out what they get out of besides giving people headaches. I actually had a problem of my own over the weekend, but I was able to go back in time by several months and now my computer runs just like it was brand new – woohoo!

Good you got yourself some got virus software, I am happy with mine.

Talk to you soon!


7 Pauline
Twitter: PaulineBennett2

Hi Linda
I know how you must have felt! as you may know I had my sites hacked a couple of weeks ago and it is no fun, the feeling I had when it happened is hard to describe but I would not wish it on anyone!
Thanks for sharing the video and I’m glad you got it all fixed in the end :)
Hope you are enjoying your weekend.
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8 Linda

Hi Pauline,

Yeah, frustration is one word to describe it (that is putting it nicely)

I am happy I was able to figure out what was going on without having to bother support. While I know they would have fixed it sooner, I was determined to figure it out on my own :)

Thanks for stopping by!


9 Sheila

Settings\username’s folder and delete this folder. This will require you to be logged in with a different account that has administrative rights. by deleting that user’s folder and having them log back in, this will rebuild their login profile with a fresh one. A lot of times, these types of malware are only associated with a single user


10 Linda

Hi Sheila,

Welcome to my blog!

I didn’t know that you could do that – thank you so much!! It seems that my blog still isn’t quite right here in Firefox, but when I look in Google Chrome it looks ok…not sure what is going on, but I will definitely check into this.

Thanks for the tip :)


11 Adrienne
Twitter: adriennesmith40

Hey Linda,

Sorry you had that problem, I hate that when that happens to people.

I installed the Web Developer extension and add-on when I was having problems with Facebook. I was linking my fan page as my work place and it wouldn’t take it so they suggested using this tool. They have one for Chrome as well, just like you suggested, but it ended up working better in FireFox for some reason. Even though they both showed the same coding. Odd…

Glad you got that resolved and thanks for letting us know how to find this should it happen to us.
Adrienne recently posted..Are You Fans Of Reality TV?My Profile


12 Linda

Hi Adrienne,

I don’t remember when I added the add-on but I am just happy I remembered I had it – saved me a lot of time.

That’s pretty neat that it helped you figure out what the problem was with Facebook :)

Yeah, the Chrome extension is not the same and needs to be tweaked to a bit more friendly version, if you ask me.

I am happy I got it resolved, I was determined to figure it out on my own :)

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek to see what happened!

Talk to you soon!


13 Sergio Felix
Twitter: ITSergioFelix

Hey Linda,

Wow, getting a bit technical here.

I really like that you really like to get into the nitty gritty of things and I’m happy that you discovered the Web Developer add-on already.

That tool is super useful when troubleshooting site’s coding and has been growing massively.

I’m glad you got rid of the offensive code and now it’s all sorted out!

Sergio Felix recently posted..Moving from Thesis to GenesisMy Profile


14 Linda

Hey Sergio,

Yeah a bit technical is right. Who know! I have a lot of hidden talents ;-)

I am happy I got it figured out too and that I remembered that I even add that add-on.

Thanks for stopping by Sergio and hope you are doing well!


15 Barry Wells
Twitter: barry_wells

Hi Linda,

So sorry to hear you had to face this issue but fair play to you for sorting it out and then to make a video and show us all how to cover ourselves, great stuff :)

Sorry i missed this post Linda, I’ve been flat out with the challenge and just following links sent to me, sorry mate :)

Best of luck,
Barry Wells recently posted..How To Create A PowerPoint Presentation Part Two Adding AnimationsMy Profile


16 Linda

Hi Barry,

Glad you enjoyed the video. I was determined to figure that problem out on my own :)

No worries about missing the post, I am running a tad bit behind myself.



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