My Accomplishments Last Week

January 24, 2011 | By Linda Bond

OK, let me think here – I last wrote what I wanted to accomplish in this post here.

So, this was my list and what I accomplished in RED:
Get some more articles written – Unfortunately I only got 2 written – but better than none, right?

Submit them to as many directories as possible (I actually have software to do this, but it doesn’t work the greatest) I got this done, I believe

Get more facebook friends and fans – Still stuck at 22 fans which is where I have been at for awhile now. Well, I got 30 fans now – 76 friends or something like that – this isn’t a big to do for me, as I don’t feel it works too well.

Get some more twitter followers (this is the easiest for I have several hundred followers this past week – super easy

Get a video made (this is the hardest for me – especially when I am not sure how to make a video from an article) – Didn’t do this – I don’t know what to make my next video about, but I did partake in a few awesome webinars and have a few more to watch, so that my next video can be a bit more professional :)

Try to find some relevant blogs to visit (this one doesn’t come easy for me either) – I have been trying to do this – a couple a day is better than none – still not an easy task for me

So, I think I do pretty good for the week…oh and I also started submitting my RSS feed to directories – almost done with this task. This week I want to finish that up and finish submitting to blog directories.

This week I need to try to get more articles written, definitely do more blog hopping (this really seems to work) and get at least a video made. I see there is finally more training videos to watch so I want to tackle them this week, as well.

Till next time……….

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1 Sally
Twitter: sallyneill

Hey Linda

Yeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !

Well done you!

God, what massive action you have taken, as I was reading through your blog post I was postively amazed at all you have done!

Only thing…. why the negative comments at the end of some of your tasks??? I would be yehaaaaa-ing all over the place!

Listen, focus on the facebook, I know it may feel like it’s not going to plan but it will, I PROMISE!

RE: video, send me an email, add me on skype, whatever is easiest for you, and I will make sure you get the videos done, ok?

You are doing so so sooooooooo good, please keep up the good work, success is just around the corner,

Sally :)
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2 admin

Hi Sally,

I sent you an email, hope you get it.

Thanks for the encouragement.



3 Adrienne
Twitter: asuperaffiliate

Hey Linda,

I have to agree with Sally, congratulations on all that you have accomplished. I beat myself up at times too when I haven’t gotten everything done that I had set out to do either but I have to still pat myself on the back for what I have accomplished. Which when looking at some of the other people here online trying to make their marks in this industry, we are at least taking action and seeing results. That’s what makes us different.

Keep up the wonderful work. Will continue to watch your progress.

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4 admin

Very true Adrienne. Yesterday was one of those days where other things took presence and I wasn’t able to get the things done for this business that I wanted. But, at least I did something, which is better than nothing, right :)

Thank you for the compliments!



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