Install a Theme in WordPress – Barry Well’s Video Challenge #2

March 5, 2012 | By Linda Bond

This is part 2 of my video series for Barry Well’s Video Challenge. If you are not yet a part of his challenge, head on over to his blog to check it out. It runs through March 29, so you have plenty of time to join us!

Today’s video will show you how to install a theme into your wordpress blog. I am actually installing the Flexibility 3 theme, but it will work with any theme you choose to use for your blog. You can download the Flexibility 3 theme by clicking here.

Thanks for watching and I look forward to your comments below.


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1 Dee

Hi Linda
I am looking for a new themem for one of my blogs, I hate the one it has and have stopped working on it.It’s a matter of finding time. One of my blogs has twenty twelve which I don’t mind, but would like something new, so might try this one.
Thanks for the video, it is very helpful.
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2 Linda

Hi Dee,

There are so many themes you can pick. I like this one, you can really change it however you like. If you do decide to try it, let me know if you have any questions with any of the options, ok!

Happy to hear you found the video to be helpful :)



3 Adrienne
Twitter: adriennesmith40

I used this theme when I first had my affiliate blog and it’s pretty flexible, hence the name right!

Great job with walking us through how to upload it Linda. I keep telling people that’s it’s easy. But when you don’t know the first clue it can be rather frightful. You did a great job.

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4 Linda

Yes, Flexible indeed.

I figured that a lot of people don’t realize that they can change their theme if they are new to wordpress. They get the option to change colors and all that, but then what? So I figured I would make a short video explaining how easy it is to upload any theme that they may find out there. Lord knows there are thousands out there :)

Glad you liked my video, Adrienne :)

Hope you have a GREAT week!


5 Chezzianne

Hi Linda…It is never easy to install a theme into a wordpress blog and this video is definitely a big help…Thank you!


6 Linda

Hi Chezzianne,

Welcome to my blog!

For those that are new to WordPress, they may not realize that they can change their theme, so this is why I made the video. Sometimes explaining it to them without a visual is not as easy as you may think.

Glad you found the video to be helpful.


7 Barry Wells
Twitter: barry_wells

Hi Linda, I’m really pleased that you have created this video as I know someone that is wanting to change their theme but is unsure of how to do so. I was going to create a video showing them and I was going to mention this exact theme (as i use it myself).

You’ve saved me a job and now I can point them in your direction :)

I really like this theme as it is so easy to edit to make our own. After my last theme that really is a blessing ;)

Thanks also for mentioning and linking to the video blog challenge again Linda.

I have now updated the page to include this video :D

Have a great week Linda, take care.
Barry Wells recently posted..Video Blog Challenge: How To Create A PowerPoint Presentation Part OneMy Profile


8 Linda

Oh good – glad to hear I saved you some time. Yeah, send your friend over – really hope she finds the video helpful.

Yeah, this theme is easy to use and it has so many options that some of the others do not.

Oh you are very welcome for mentioning the blog challenge. I hope it is going well. I got to most everyone’s last week, but not all. I have been busy again, but still trying to stay focused with what I am doing here, as well :)

Hope you have a great week too, Barry!


9 Sergio Felix
Twitter: ITSergioFelix

Hey Linda,

Someone has been busy creating videos, good for you!

I really like how great you are at videos, I don’t know why you didn’t do them before or maybe I wasn’t paying that much attention? Naah you really were not recording that much! :)

Isn’t it funny that I also started with this theme (Flexibility3)?

I think it is because it is so flexible and easy to use and modify, maybe this should be the starter for anyone new, who knows?

Anyway, I hope you keep up recording how to’s even after Barry’s challenge as I’m pretty sure your readers will love you for it.

Looking forward for the next ones, take care and speak soon! ;-)

Sergio Felix recently posted..How To Choose Your Best WordPress ThemeMy Profile


10 Linda

Hi there, Sergio!

I actually enjoy making these videos. The hardest part for me, which I am sure is/was for most, is getting started and then figuring out the recording the screens and all that jazz. Once I got over that fear and figuring everything out it really is enjoyable, at least for me. Then comes the time factor and the “what to make next” type of thing. I am still figuring that one out for the next video. Got a few ideas in mind, so we’ll see how it goes :)

Yeah, flexibility 3 is what I learned and I do believe it would be a good starter theme for sure.

I do hope to keep up with the video making after the challenge ends.

Glad you like my videos :)

Talk to you soon!


11 Barry Ranns
Twitter: pumbles

Hi Linda,
I wish you had done this video a couple of months ago when I was starting out, life would have been so much easier. :)

Great video, and I love the intro, I have a lot of catching up to do, as I haven’t done voice yet, and if people pay me enough I won’t ;)

Thanks for helping us,


12 Linda

Ahhhhhhh – sorry Barry! I didn’t realize that so many people did not know how to install a new theme. I guess it goes right along with the first video I did – so I will keep with the theme for my next video :)

No, you should really do your own video, Barry! I know how you feel cause I did the animation with and thought it was so cool, then I went on to the Power Point presentations and I literally read what I put on screen – then I just recently ventured out. You need to start some where and get your voice out there. Then slowly take the plunge to move on. This is advice from me, someone who was scared out of her mind!! You will find that the more you do it, the more you will enjoy it!

So, my challenge to you Barry is to start NOW – even if it is a power point – I want to see it in Barry’s challenge before it ends, ok!!



13 Pauline
Twitter: PaulineBennett2

Hi Linda
Another great video! It will help a lot of people who do not know how to install or change a theme. I think we all must have started off with Flexibilty theme, it is easy to change and you can make it look good in your own personal style!
Have a great day and looking forward to your next video :)

Pauline recently posted..My Ten Best WP PluginsMy Profile


14 Linda

Thanks, Pauline.

I guess we did start off the same way, but so many people start off with just the basic and then just do the change the color, logo thing and don’t know how to move from there – so hence my video. I do agree that Flexibility is “flexible” for anyone just starting out.

I am still thinking about my next video, but think I will keep it along the same lines :)

Talk to you soon!


15 Nigel Yip
Twitter: myfirstmarketin

Hi Linda,

Another great video by yourself and I’m sure a lot of people will be found it extremely useful. Indeed the Fliexibility Theme as many have already mention, is most excellent, simple to navigate and simple to setup. Keep em’ great videos coming Linda!!!

Looking forward to your next video
Nigel Yip recently posted..List Build It 2 – Overview of a Basic List Building SystemMy Profile


16 Linda

So happy you are enjoying my videos, Nigel!

I’ll be getting my next video out some time next week, thinking about pictures – that’s all I am going to



17 Marius Price

Hi Linda
Great Video
For how long are you in business?


Marius Price recently posted..Internet Marketing – Start At The StartMy Profile


18 Linda

Hey Marius,

Welcome to my blog!

Glad you liked the video.

I’ve been doing this for a little over a year now.

Thanks for stopping by!


19 Robert Corrigan

Hi Linda, real like the look of the Flexibility theme here, it looks very powerful, I shall certainly consider this when I rebuild my blog over the Easter holidays, wonder what you have for us next.
Robert Corrigan recently posted..Amazon Cash by The NumbersMy Profile


20 Linda

Hi Rob,

So glad you like the looks of the flexibility theme. It is so “flexible” – you can do so much with it to make it unique to your own brand.

And my last two videos of Barry’s challenge are done. Last week was about how and where to find pictures for your blog and/or website and the one I put out tonight was about how to prevent multiple logins to secure your WP Blog :)

I’ll be stopping by soon to see what other videos you have made for the challenge, as well.

Talk to you soon!


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