Where to Find Images to Add To Your WordPress Blog Posts

March 12, 2012 | By Linda Bond

This is my 3rd video with Barry Well’s video challenge which is going on until March 29, 2012.

Today’s video is about how to find free images to use without violating copyright policies and how to add them into your WordPress blog posts.

The sites mentioned in the video are all free to join and can be found here:
http://www.fotosearch.com/Update: I thought this was free, but it is not, so try this one instead. PicSearch – http://www.picsearch.com/

Thanks for watching and hope you found this tutorial of use.

As always I love your comments :)

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1 Dee

Hi Linda
I signed up for a couple of sites that were supposed to be free, but you had to pay. I use Kozzi now, but will try the others.
I haven’t used too many images lately although I sometimes do screen capture.
Dee recently posted..What is PLR Part 6? Where can we use PLR? More ideasMy Profile


2 Linda

Hi Dee,

I guess the one site, fotosearch is not free, sorry about that. I updated my post. You can try http://www.picsearch.com/ or just do a search for free distribution photos or something like that…there are a LOT out there :).

The other one is free – http://www.freedigitalphotos.net – that is the site I used for the video :)



3 Harleena Singh@Freelance Writer
Twitter: harleenas

Loved the info Linda!

While I do use freedigital.net, the other two sites surely seem wonderful. However, just as we are required to give attribution in freedigital.net, are we required to do the same in both the other sites also, or can we just upload without any photo credit or link back?

Also, Fotosearch seems to be a paid site, or may be I am not able to locate the free image source on the site.

Thanks for sharing and wishing you the best at Barry’s challenge :)
Harleena Singh@Freelance Writer recently posted..Prayer and Fasting for a Better LifeMy Profile


4 Linda

Hi Harleena,

Fotosearch must have changed, I have since updated my post – thanks for mentioning that.

Each site is different as to whether they require a link back or not. You need to read the terms of service and/or the information within each picture as to what they require. It works like this on most sites.

Hope that helps and I appreciate your question :)



5 Dee Ankary

Hi Linda,

I’ve been using http://sxc.hu. Loads of free stuff, and also some istock paid images, which are listed separate under “premium”.

Lovely video – didn’t know about the sites you mentioned. I’ll certainly be checking them out.

(another Dee …!!)
Dee Ankary recently posted..The Little Website That CouldMy Profile


6 Linda

Hi Dee,

Welcome to my blog!

I just took a peak at that sxc.hu site and bookmarked it – thank you for sharing it with me and my readers! A lot of sites do come with both, paid and free but I look forward to using this site, as well in the future.

Glad you enjoyed my video.

Hope you have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by!


7 Pauline
Twitter: PaulineBennett2

Hi Linda
Another great video!
You have shown your readers some good sites to find photos to put in their blog or other sites, I have signed up for a couple of the sites you mentioned so thanks for that :)
Looking forward to the next video!
Have a great day
Pauline recently posted..My Ten Best WP PluginsMy Profile


8 Linda

Hi Pauline,

Happy to hear you enjoyed my video.

Hope you find the photo sites to be of use.

Thanks for stopping by!


9 Barry Wells
Twitter: barry_wells

Hi Linda,

Thanks for mentioning and linking to the video blog challenge. I have added this video post to the page now.

Another good video showing us where you get your images from, thanks we always need more resources :)

When I search for images I always place FREE before the images I’m looking for so as to avoid any legal hassles down the road. That is how I got most of my images and once I have them I save them to my External HD in case I decide to use them later.

Once I have uploaded an image to my blog I remove the link to it and add an alternative description to help with the search engines.

If I ever want to use it again i go through my media files as you demonstrated in your video as it saves our resources ;)

Thanks Linda,
Barry Wells recently posted..The Video Blog ChallengeMy Profile


10 Linda

Hey Barry,

No problem again on mentioning the blog challenge. I hope that more people start participating before it ends. I know I have already seen lots of good ones out there and know people have lots to share :)

Yeah, I have searched for Free Images but lots of times you end up on those sites that want you to pay, so I thought this was a good starter set and then everyone can go from there :) I never thought to look them up ahead of time though – good idea!

Thanks for your tips Barry!

Talk to you soon!


11 Adrienne
Twitter: adriennesmith40

Great video and people will find this one very helpful.

There aren’t many free sites where you don’t have to worry about giving the owner credit. That’s why it always takes me forever to find photos or I just create my own when possible.

I did a post sometime back with a whole list of free photo sites but I’m sure like everything else, their policies have changed as well.

Great video Linda, you are becoming quite the pro. Will look forward to your others you’ll be sharing.

Adrienne recently posted..Are You Ready To Be ChallengedMy Profile


12 Linda

You are right, Adrienne – not too many sites allow you to just grab and go without credit. I have had a problem with finding good ones too and I just ended up not adding any. It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to find a good picture, if it does than time to stop searching and do something else ;-)

Yeah, sites are constantly changing so it’s hard to say how many of those on your list are still good, but I am sure it is an excellent resource regardless :)

I am not a pro yet..lol. But, glad you like my videos.

Talk to you soon!


13 Tim at IMM

Good video! FInding photos for a blog is always a challenge.
Tim at IMM recently posted..Free-For-All Link Pages – Could FFAs Get You Banned From Google?My Profile


14 Linda

Welcome to my blog, Tim.

Glad you liked my video and I agree finding photos is always a challenge. So, hoping that by giving you some resources that maybe you didn’t know about, it will make this task a little easier :)



15 Sergio Felix
Twitter: ITSergioFelix

Hey Linda,

I don’t recognize any of the sites mentioned but thanks a lot for reviewing them.

The funny bit here is that out of the 30+ posts I currently have written on my blog, maybe two or three don’t have images, including the latest article.

I am aware of the legal situations that image reposting can bring and that’s the main reason I started using my own images and graphics.

I certainly need to do something about it, since my art work is really bad lol so thanks again for these sites, going to check them out in detail.


Ps. I agree with Adrienne, good job on the videos!
Sergio Felix recently posted..Big Curves AheadMy Profile


16 Linda

Hi Sergio!

I don’t always put images in my posts, mainly because if it takes too long to find what I am looking for I just don’t bother ;-)

I haven’t seen anything wrong with your own images, I think they have been really good…nothing to worry about there, my friend!

So glad to hear you have been liking my videos, still trying to think about my next one ;)

I appreciate you stopping by.


17 Julie
Twitter: jmd164

Hi Linda,

This is really good information here. I usually do a search for free photos, but having sites to directly go to is much easier. I will keep in mind the ones you have mentioned here for next time.

Thanks again Linda for sharing this.
Take Care
Julie recently posted..Tips Promoting Products as an Affiliate #3My Profile


18 Linda

Hi there Julie,

Yes, I agree – having sites that you have bookmarked can be so much easier than just randomly doing searches which can lead to frustrations when you can’t find what you want that are not copyright protected.

I appreciate your comment.



19 Lenia
Twitter: YLifeYChoices

Hi Linda,
Firstly i thank you for visiting my blog and writing a comment. I really appreciate it.
I watched that video and I liked it a lot. I am always wondering where can I find free images for my blog posts but I have never searched to find some websites. So, you just gave me some good tips.
Thank you!
Have a great day.
Lenia recently posted..My Adventure in Greece and How to Define Your AdventureMy Profile


20 Linda

Hi Lenia,

Welcome to my blog!

Oh you are welcome – I hope you like your new blog layout and are getting used to wordpress!

Good to hear you enjoyed my video and that you now have some sources to go to find images for your blog posts :)

Thanks for stopping by!


21 Sabrina Sabino
Twitter: sabrinasabino

Thanks for sharing the links. :) I also sometimes use Flickr, they’ve got an option for showing only images under the Creative Commons license as well as commercial images.
Sabrina Sabino recently posted..The Blog Challenge: April GoalsMy Profile


22 Linda

Hi Sabrina,

Welcome to my blog!

I have used Flickr in the past as well…thanks for mentioning it :)



23 Denise

I was wondering if anyone knew of a website that gives steps on how to do this or if you can give tips yourself that would be great. If I were to change hosts would I have to transfer all my old blog posts from blogger to wordpress or is there a way to automatically do this.


24 Linda

Hi Denise,

Welcome to my blog!

I found a website that takes you step by step to transfer from blogger to wordpress. Basically once you are in wordpress you just go to Tools – then Import and select blogger. I will soon be transferring one of my blogger blogs into wordpress but probably not for a few more days. Hopefully it will go smoothly :)



25 Ade

Great video and post….I didn’t know about kozzi so I have signed up. I like the idea of 30 free images a month. I guess you won’t always be able to find the images you want on free sources so sometimes you just have to pay but it can help. As you get more money to spend you can upgrade.
Ade recently posted..Affiliate Marketing Without Building A List – The Money’s Not In The List…Well Not At The Start Anyway.My Profile


26 Linda

Hi Ade,

Welcome to my blog!

30 free images a month is pretty good and yes even if you do have to pay they are really cheap. Hope you find Kozzi of use :)

Thanks for commenting.


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