Build a Mailing List with JV Giveaways

February 1, 2012 | By Linda Bond

I took a long break from using Giveaways to build up my mailing list, but now that I have more time on my hands, I decided it was time to start using them again.

If you are not familiar with JV Giveaway events – basically these are events where you can become a contributor by adding your eBooks, software, videos, etc to be given away to anyone who becomes a member. You will be building up a mailing list very fast by using these giveaways to your advantage. You have the option of staying a free contributor, but you do need to promote it and get other contributors (Joint Venture partners) signed up. If you do not, then you will get degraded to a member and you lose you status to be a contributor.

If you upgrade, then you will be able to add text advertisements and special offers that will give you even more exposure and possibly some sales :)

Also, if someone that you refer buys one of the specials or does upgrade you will receive a portion of that sale.

These are really powerful ways to build up your mailing lists and you will also have the opportunity to get some really cool stuff absolutely free!

If you are interested in the software that I use to enter these giveaways, please take a look at my review for Push Button Software found on my Affiliate Perspectives Review site.

And for your reference, you will see a tab at the top of this page that says JV Giveaways. Be sure to bookmark it as it will automatically update each time I find a new giveaway to enter :)

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading and please be sure to use the social bookmarking sites below if you enjoyed this post.


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1 Barry Ranns
Twitter: pumbles

Hi Linda,

I love giveaways, you get so much out of them, not just free gifts or an email list, you make new contacts and friends, and join a great group of people who do Joint Ventures.

I have just begin my first JV giveaway, and it is great fun,

Good luck with your Giveaways, see you around some of them,

Barry Ranns recently posted..We Should Make a Stand For Ethical MarketingMy Profile


2 admin

Hi Barry,

Thanks for the extra info about the giveaways. It’s been awhile since I had joined any and I saw yours yesterday and am already on board :) I hope your event turns out to be a HUGE one :)



3 Adrienne
Twitter: adriennesmith40

I confess Linda, I never had much luck with giveaways. I also admit probably not setting everything up correctly.

I was introduced to them in Alex’s course and I followed everything he said to do and each time would get some notice from one of them that somethings wasn’t set up correctly with my sites. I did everything they walked us through so I just gave up. I admit it…

I know they work though and are a great way to build a list. Okay, you’ve got me to thinking again.

Thanks Linda and have a great day!

Adrienne recently posted..Is Your WordPress Blog Set Up Properly?My Profile


4 admin


If you don’t mind – I would love to help you. I will send you an email in a little bit, ok! It’s really not hard at all.

I think you will benefit from them greatly.



5 Cat Alexandra @ Internet Marketing Success
Twitter: alexandra_cath

Dear Linda,

I think that giveaways are pretty compelling when done right. I have seen how well adding bonuses to “sweeten the deal” have worked so well for others I know, especially when doing a launch.

I have only done one giveaway thus far. It was for a copy of CommentLuv Premium. I think it went pretty well considering it was my first. I was happy to have grown my list a bit and also made some new connections with people who were interested in what I was doing.

Thanks for the great information on this, too! I’m sure it will come in handy for me!

Best regards,
Cat Alexandra
Cat Alexandra @ Internet Marketing Success recently posted..Network Marketing VT (100% Commission) ReviewMy Profile


6 admin

Hi Cat,

Yeah, adding the bonuses can work especially with giveaways that are held by the more known people who hold them :) They tend to have a much bigger following than the rest and therefore can hugely help in all ways.

I bet the giveaway for the CL Premium went over extremely big! I would have loved to have scooped that one up

The best thing for me is that Push Button Software – I use it to enter all my giveaways as everything is preloaded – hit join button, change profile, upload gift, etc – all with a little push of a button, takes less than 3 minutes! Super Easy, great results – LOVE IT :)

Thanks for your comment and hope your weekend is going well.


7 Sergio Felix
Twitter: ITSergioFelix

Hey Linda,

I’ll be writing a report in the upcoming days and I want to use the Social Media Giveaway as my first participation on a Giveaway.

To be honest with you, I don’t know what to expect since I have never done it myself, I have the theory but I guess it now boils down to practice!

I will (of course) use your provided links here and I think I’m going to write and set up a nice e-mail campaign for it as well.

Something I have never done either (yikes, a lot of work maybe? haha)

Anyway, thanks and speak soon! ;-)

Sergio Felix recently posted..6 Hours Self-Imposed Social Media BlackoutMy Profile


8 admin

Hi Sergio,

The Social Media Giveaway is a huge one :) I think you will do great – if you need any help setting things up, you know how to reach me :)

You will definitely benefit from using an email campaign to promote it.

I think you will like the outcome of it, whether you decide to upgrade or not.

thanks for joining through my links :)



9 Pauline
Twitter: PaulineBennett2

Hi Linda
I discovered giveaways a couple of months ago and love them, they have helped me not only build my list but I have made some great connections.
I have also just joined the Social Media Giveaway with Kerry who has been a great help to me!
I am going to look at the Push Button Software it sounds very good :)
Pauline recently posted..Brand New Annual Giveaway Happening Now!My Profile


10 admin

Hi Pauline,

Welcome to my blog!

I actually saw one of your products on a giveaway event over the weekend that I think I downloaded :)

Giveaway events are awesome and there are a few tricks to be learned, but once you know them you will be on your way to building a really great list!

Yeah, I love the software – it’s the only thing I use and it helps speed things along, plus it has built in widgets for your blog, preset emails to send to your lists and a script you can use like I have done on my blog so every giveaway you enter, it will automatically update.

Good luck with these giveaways and thanks for stopping by!



11 Kevin Long

Hi Linda

Just thought i’d drop by and take a look, this was a great post, i start my first JVG tomorrow, i’m very excited.
I knew there was a reason i bought all those PLR

To your success.

Kevin Long recently posted..My New Ebook Is Complete!My Profile


12 admin

Hey Kevin,

Is this your giveaway – Laugh And Grow Rich Day Giveaway? I am in it! I bet you are excited. I wish you all the best and would love to see your final results of it.

Thanks for stopping by.


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