I am not very active on any of my blogs any more and I realize I probably lost some valuable friends, but hey this is my blog and I can post what I want. Now, if any of you read my last blog post – we lost our health benefits and yes we are still eligible for state benefits but I honestly want nothing to do with the state of New Jersey – I personally hate this state and when I make the money I am moving out FAST!! Have always hated it here since I was 13 – wow! And it’s only become worse with city people moving in, thinking they can convert an agriculture state to a city state. Try all you want but farmers are going to stay here – we are here to provide YOU with food and if you hate food, then I welcome you to get out of this state, because we don’t want or like you!!

On a more positive note – I am doing GREAT!!! I am happy and making money OUTSIDE the Internet Marketing business and working on my own doing something I have done for YEARS, but not realizing the potential that was right under my nose. Now, of course I am not going to tell you what it is because I believe in working it for at least a month or two before I believe it can work for you too!! While I am not making thousands, nor hundreds, I am making money to at least pay my bills. Any business will start SMALL and then grow.  So, I am in the growing stages, and I am fortunate enough to have already been in the field so my knowledge only grows bigger.

In fact this was something I was going to make a product about. I have found an awesome out sourcer who is currently on standby mode and hope he sticks with me while I make the money to the point where I can pay him. He was referred to me by a reliable friend. It’s hard to find people you can trust and I know I can trust this guy.

Anyway, I am just updating my blog to let you know what I am up to.

I am HAPPY, POSITIVE and MAKING MONEY!!!!  (for once)

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year 2014

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How to Get More Facebook FansDoes your business have a Facebook fan page? If it doesn’t, you really should have one. While fan pages are not getting the attention they once received, I have a new way that you can bring more fans and keep them engaged.

Have you heard of the 22Social app? It is a mobile friendly app that is easy to use and makes it easier to draw fans to your page.

You can see an example at my Fan Page – Path to Marketing Success

 Benefits of 22Social:

  • You can use it to give away something free – whether it be an eBook, training material or whatever you want. In order for the person to get that free info, they will have to first like your page :)
  • You can host live training events on your fan page using the Google Hangouts (which I have never used by the way – ha).  Your fans will be able to interact with you right there on your page without having to use another application – love this feature :)
  • You can actually sell something on your page using this app. So, if you have a product out there, you could actually offer a discount for fans only.
  • You can offer a coupon for any type of product
  • You can have meetings for your team members in any type of business
  • This app works for any type of business, not just internet/affiliate marketers. If you are a real estate agent, teacher, restaurant owner, hair salon, auto mechanic, etc – this will work for you!
  • There are just so many ways you can use this mobile friendly app – it really is only limited to your imagination

How Much Does it Cost?

Well, you can try it for free if you want. You can only use it for 1 fan page. If you have more than 1 fan page, you can take a 30 day trial to Pro for only $2 and then every month after it will cost you $22. But, here is the BEST PART!! If you go Pro, you will get an affiliate link. Promote that affiliate link and get 3 paid members under you and Pro is yours for FREE!!

I am not an affiliate, just a partner but the partner program closed a few months ago and I got in on the very tail end of it. Being a partner I am able to teach you all how to use it, which is what I try to do on my fan page. It is really easy to use and 22Social has lots of training available, as well plus every Tuesday they have live hangouts where you can learn even more about the app and get your questions answered live.

I love this app and since it is available to try for only $2 (I would take the upgrade because you can do so much more with it) you really are doing your fan page a favor. You will be able to attract more business, leads (Oh I didn’t even mention that part – your fans will automatically go into your favorite mailing program like Aweber, GetResponse, etc).  See, there is just so much to the app that I didn’t even mention some of the other features. But go watch the video and give it a test drive for yourself. I do think you will love it as much as I do :)

I want to know – have you ever heard of 22Social and if not do you think this will work for you?

I've Partnered with Dean Holland


Advertising with Solo Ads - My ExperienceHi Everyone!

Hope you all had a nice weekend!

My guaranteed click solo ad ended over the weekend and I was a little disappointed with the results. Maybe it was because of my lack of knowledge and how they work. I paid for 75 clicks and I actually ended up with 143 – that was impressive! I didn’t get any sales, but 57 Opt-ins. In the beginning it was converting 50%, but as you can see that rate diminished by quite a bit. Now those opt-ins could down the road turn into sales and I am really hoping for that because there is nothing like spending money you don’t have to get nothing in return.

While I understand it was a risk, what I didn’t understand is that this person’s list was not a buying list, but more of a list of people who opt-in. From reading this guy’s feedback on the Warrior Forum and talking to him before buying I was not given that impression until I told him my results. So in the end, I need to learn a little bit more about the process and how everything works.

Regardless, the guy was very nice and would definitely recommend him to everyone! You can visit his Warrior Forum thread by clicking here.

Have you ever placed a solo ad and how were your results? Do you have any recommendations for me?

So, now I need to figure out some very inexpensive options to get the word out about Dean’s 4 Week Bootcamp that can help ANYONE online Make Money, Build a List and Get the Traffic they deserve. If you know of any cheap or free ideas, please let me know in the comments box. I really can’t afford to pay for anything right now without guaranteed results.

With that being said, it’s time to get back to my training :)

Thanks for reading and hope you all have a GREAT week!

I've Partnered with Dean Holland



My Newest Adventure - I partnered with Dean HollandHey everyone!

Can’t believe it’s been over 3 months since I last made a post. I took time off from all my blogs, not just this one, as I was trying to figure out what I really should be doing.

Well a few weeks ago, I was on a webinar with Dean Holland and filled out an application to partner with him to learn how to get traffic. That is something I have always struggled with. Even with all the other programs I have joined, I just felt I was missing something or maybe it was the way they were training me, not sure.

Much to my surprise, I received a phone call from Dean, himself, a few hours after that webinar. WOW! I wasn’t expecting to hear from him personally. That was exciting!

Guess what! He is now my mentor. I am actually working with Dean himself – he is there for us if we have a question or need help, unlike the other people I have tried to work with in the past.

The one thing that I really needed to do was to get this blog back up and running and get back to visiting all my blogging friends…as you know, blog hopping is really the best way to not only get traffic to your blog, but to gain new friends at the same time. It really is a win-win situation all around.

The 2nd thing I have done so far is buying my first ever solo ad with someone at the Warrior Forum. To pick the right person, I decided that I should ask him a few questions before I actually paid, to get a feeling as to what type of guy he really is. He got back to me in a very timely matter, considering he is from Australia. He has awesome feedback, so I decided to go for it. My 75+ guaranteed solo ad will go out Thursday. I am excited to see what kind of results I get. Even opt-ins will be good in this case, but 1 sale would be really nice :) I will be sure post an update with the results.

If you too are struggling with traffic and would like to make a 6 figure income, be sure to check out Dean’s system. His free video will tell you all about it!

I will be updating you more in future posts about different traffic tactics and of course my results. So, till then……have an awesome day!

I've Partnered with Dean Holland

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Is Your Blog Secure? WordPress Plugins to Help Secure ItOver the past few weeks I have had  a tremendous amount of people trying to hack into this blog and my FreebiesnDeals blog. It’s really ridiculous as to what I have found and the question that really boggles my mind is WHY??

Why Would Someone Want to Hack Into Your Blog?

This is the question we all want answered and I must admit, I don’t really have an answer except that I am located in the US and they like the way my blog looks? I know living in the US doesn’t really matter, as I have friends in the UK that also go through the same thing.

So, my question to you is – why do YOU think they try to hack your account?

  • Is it because they want to steal some sort of information?
  • Do they truly like your site and want to call it their own?
  • Do they do this just for the h*ll of it? For a thrill maybe?

Or is it something more – I want you to answer this in the comments below.

Plugins to Help Detect Hackers

But FIRST, I want to tell you about two different plugins that I use. Now, last year I told you about how to install and set up Limit Login Attempts and I told you how you can block IP addresses through your cPanel. Since I own several websites and have them all hosted on one account, I can only block IP addresses for my main account. So what do you do if you have several websites on one hosting site?

The answer is……………… IP Address Blocker. I only use the Lite version, but it seems to work, for the most part. Here is a screen shot of it (click on it to see it full screen and some of the blocked IPs – ha) and I suggest that you check off the box “Display blank page to the Banned User”.  I only say this because I have punched in the same IP a few times, yet they still attempt to try to hack into my account. This way, when they come to your blog they will get a blank screen rather than an attempt to login.

Is Your Blog Secure? WordPress Plugins to Help Secure It

One more important note is that today I had 30 different IP addresses trying to use “moderator” for the username – I don’t know why you would use that or the most popular “admin” but if you are using them and stupid passwords such as “password”, “password123″, “12345″ or some other obvious password, you really need to get your head examined and need to think of something off the wall or find a password generator to use or you will indeed get hacked into!

And something else I thought was interesting was these people come from not only Russia, but other foreign countries and they are using US Ips registered to foreign lands like Bangkok. So, while it may be a US IP address, some how they are using them to mask their identity. If you do a quick search on any IP you can get the inside scoop. Maryland seemed to be a popular one this weekend. I didn’t do a thorough check up on that one – kinda reminds me of the Russian guy who was responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings. If you remember, that guy’s uncle was from Maryland. I just picked a random IP out of the 30 today and that’s when I discovered the Bangkok one with a US ID.

Hope you found this post helpful and be sure to answer my questions above as to why YOU think hackers like to get into your blogs/websites.

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Blogging EtiquetteThat was quite the long time, huh? I know I promised I would get it done by the end of February, but only a month and a half later is not too bad, right? So it’s called “Blogging Etiquette – How to Properly Write and Respond to Blog Posts“.

It’s short, but hopefully to the point. It is not about how to start a blog as this is not what I wanted to put out in this particular book, it’s all about blogging etiquette and what you should and should not do.

My hopes is that you will pass this along to everyone, either with your own Amazon affiliate link or by linking directly to the book or this blog post. It’s only $.99 or free for a limited time to Amazon Prime members. You can’t beat that, right! It’s affordable for everyone and I am hoping to get it out to as many people as possible.

It is a huge pet peeve of mine to go blog hopping and not even recognize who the original poster is, let alone the fact that they never even go to anyone elses blog. These people just don’t have a clue what they are doing, so this is the reason for my short blogging etiquette eBook.

I want to give a special thank you to these fine people for allowing me to add their blogs to my book. Please be sure to visit them, as they deserve it :)

Sergio Felix – Marketing with Sergio
Anita Shelton – Homeschooling Grammy —> New Site – Homeschooling Grammy
Dee Ann Rice – Dee Ann Rice
Pauline Bennett – List Building for Newbies
FreebiesnDeals – FreebiesnDeals Blog

If you have any questions, just let me know and thanks ago to all the contributors. I hope you find this eBook of use and hope that you will start implementing these simple steps, if you are not already.

Enjoy your day!
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Want a Free Worldwide Listing in My New eBook?Hey Everyone!

Sorry for the delay in writing my first post of the year. As many of you know, I have a new blog, which I recently gave a makeover to and been posting there twice a week to try to gain some sales. I must admit that it gets hard trying to figure out what to write about ;-)

I discovered something while blog hopping with that blog and realized that many people don’t really know how to blog. So, I am going to write a short eBook that will be published on Amazon.

Speaking of Amazon, remember in my last post I wrote that I only made $50 with my eBooks in 2012? Well guess what? Sales have picked up again, but not on Amazon – but on Barnes and Noble! Yup, I have been there since the beginning and I also realized that for some reason, my “How to Publish an eBook on Barnes and Noble’s Nook” at Amazon had been sitting in DRAFT for quite some time, as I guess I was going to edit it, but it was never published! But, this book is what is selling on Barnes and Noble.  It’s now live on Amazon, so be sure to check it out. It’s short and to the point :) It is very different listing a book on Barnes and Noble, than it is on Amazon…so if you are considering this you need the book!

Since I haven’t written a book in a year, I am going to have to go back to my own eBook – “How to Create an eBook – Easy Steps Using MS Word or Open Office” – ha!

Anyway, I wanted to include at least 10-20 blogs that are active and who’s owners know the proper etiquette to follow.

Rules to Get Your Blog in My eBook

1. You must have an active blog (it must have at least 2 recent posts since the end of 2012, beginning of 2013 and be current with your posts – if I go back in a few weeks and still nothing, you may not be included)
2. You must know how to comment and respond – If you are not sure – read the rules here
3. You must be willing to accept comments from people in ALL Niches…remember this book is going out worldwide. If you don’t want comments from people in a different niche, this is NOT for you!
4. Your blog must NOT pertain to Gambling, Anything Sexual or Stock Trading of any kind.
5. Follow the instructions EXACTLY to get published – if you don’t follow the instructions, I will not let you in, even if you are a friend! I am not going to go out asking for more information – Follow or else! Got it? LOL
6. I reserve the right to not include your blog for any given reason.

Instructions – READ CAREFULLY

In the comments below I want you to list your blog exactly as I show here:

Blog Name:
Blog Link: (main page only)
Description: 2-3 Short lines describing your blog

Blog Name: FreebiesnDeals
Blog Link: http://blog.freebiesndeals.com
Description: Deals and coupons to help you save money. I also blog about social media and other ways to help you save and/or make money.

That’s all I need. I will give you till about February 15 to respond. After that any blogs that are submitted may or may not be included, depending on how fast I get the book published.

I look forward to hearing from you and be sure to share this post with those that you think would benefit from worldwide FREE Exposure.


Get Your Blog Listed in my eBook



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Happy New Year 2013

December 31, 2012 | By Linda Bond

Happy New Year 2013I can’t believe 2012 is almost over (It’s not over here just yet, but will be 10 hours from now)! It really flew by for me!!

Last year I made some goals and guess what, I didn’t get any of them accomplished – not a single one!! How bad is that?

My year was a little screwed up and therefore I fell in some holes that I struggled to get out of. The beginning of the year went well – I was able to stay focused and put 4 eBooks up on Amazon. I didn’t make much money with them though, maybe $50, if that.

Then came the emergency work that was needed on the house. I didn’t get any warning time and had to immediately stop everything for a few months. Well, I didn’t stop completely, but I didn’t get anything accomplished either.

During that time though I purchased a new script for a different site and that has been where my focus has been ever since. I had a tough time with it and still am having difficulties with it, but I learned to ask for help instead of trying to figure it out all on my own. I am stubborn in that way – trying to figure everything out without seeking assistance, but that has changed.

Now, that site is coming together – I need to get it ranked in the search engines and have so many changes to make, but I am working on them daily and have already seen my Alexa rank improve right before my eyes, literally. That alone, is encouraging and helps me to keep on going with it. I still need to get a press release written (will probably have to hire someone at fiverr because I have no clue how to write one myself) and then eventually have the site completely automated. Only a very small portion of it is automated at this time, but it helps by getting fresh content out daily and allowing me to fix what needs to be fixed :)

Then Hurricane Sandy decided to come along and rip most everyone’s lives apart. Fortunately for us, we didn’t have to deal with the devastation that most others did. We did get our roof fixed (well, just the 1, this spring the guys that worked on the house will be back to do our garage), but still have a boarded up window to deal with and a large tree stump to contend with – but very minor compared to most. That was 4 days without Internet, so nothing was done then either and I tried hard to catch back up and pushed Black Friday and Cyber Monday and got ZERO sales – I worked 80 hours a week and got absolutely nothing! Well, that really pushed me in a hole because I have not had income for MONTHS!! Once again I am starting the New Year off poor! It’s going to change this year – it has to because I have nothing right now!

So, my goals for 2013 are as follows:

1. Get my FreebiesnDeals site ranked on the first page of Google

2. Blog more on my freebies site – I started a new blog with intentions of highlighting certain products and/or websites, but I haven’t been in the mood to write.

3. Get the required sales at Clickbank so I can get my First check – been trying hard there too, but no luck – I need to place some ads and hopefully I can get that very soon. It’s going to be a nice one :)

4. Cut back on drinking beer – actually I have already started that one – but some weeks are not too good (costs too much too and really can’t afford it anymore).

5. Lose weight – I did start on this one too a month or so ago and lost 3 pounds in a week, but that flopped – will try again though very soon.

6. Finish my first product – the healthy living one I started last year. I realized that I had too much going on at once and I needed to concentrate on 1 thing – and that 1 thing has been my freebiesndeals website. Once that gets done, then I can move on to the next project :)

I think that is it – they are all very achievable, but my #1 priority is my website. I’m already working on it, so it should be bringing in sales very soon :)

I am not sure I will be around this blog all that much – but I am still around. Feel free to stop by my other blog and say hi or send me an email – I miss you all, but I need to stick to my guns and keep on going with what I have started :)

So, in closing – did you accomplish any of your goals in 2012 and what is your most important priority for 2013? Leave your comments below and as always, please share this post with you favorite social media sites ~Thanks~





P.S. Happy NEW YEAR!! May you have a Safe, Healthy and Prosperous New Year! I wish you nothing but the BEST!!


My apologies to all my followers – I thought I had set this to go out a few weeks ago, but apparently it never made it – so here is my long over due post :)


A few weeks ago I was on a webinar by my good buddy Chris Farrell. He had a guest speaker who is a “Pinterest Specialist” and was giving us tips and tricks on how to get sales and traffic to our websites.

Considering that I didn’t know a whole lot about Pinterest and really thought you couldn’t sell or market your business on there, I never even looked into it further than recipes, diy stuff, etc…kinda seemed like a waste to me. But, let me tell ya, I am really glad I attended that webinar.

Here are 2 statistics that may or may not shock you

  • Pinterest has a PR of 8
  • Pinterest buyers spend more money on Pinterest than any other network

Just those 2 alone should get you pretty excited about using Pinterest to advertise your business.

A PR8 means it is going to look good with Google, right? So, how do you do that? Very easily.

Sign up for a Pinterest Business Account and use your Business Name as your first and last name. In the Location box add where your business caters to. If it is just in the US, put that or if your business caters to the world, put worldwide. If it is a local business put in your physical address or phone number.

Then once you are signed up, go to Settings and upload your business logo, add a description about your business and of course your website.  There should be a button next to your website, you will probably have to save your settings first before you see it.  You have to download a little script and then upload it into your main directory of your website. Instructions are provided for you in case you don’t know how to do this.

You want to add some relevant boards. You can add whatever you like – products, videos, ebooks, etc. I added a new youtube video a few weeks ago and I instantly had a repin from someone who wasn’t following me – thought that was pretty cool and just goes to show how powerful Pinterest can be!

If you would be interested in exchanging videos and/or ebooks – please let me know. You can follow me here – https://pinterest.com/BuildOnlineBNow/

I hope this gives you a little bit more of an idea of how Pinterest can actually work for you and your business.

Let me know if you already have an account so I can follow you and were you aware that you could use Pinterest for business? I would love to hear your comments below.

Thanks and hope you have a wonderful week!



Did you know that you can turn just about any smartphone into a WiFi hot spot? I didn’t really know about this until one day before Hurricane Sandy hit us – I was on Facebook and saw someone mention something about it for their iPhone. I don’t have an iPhone, just a simple smartphone that allows me to do what I need to do, so I didn’t think much of it.

So, after the Hurricane struck, my Internet went out and it was out for 4 1/2 days – which seemed like forever to me and I was getting quite annoyed at the length of time it took to come back on, considering my neighbors had it and I didn’t. After getting no where with my Internet provider, I decided to do a search on my phone to see if there was anything for my Nokia. Found something and it had rave reviews, so I downloaded it. Not expecting much, I fired up my laptop and turned on this WiFi app and sure enough – I was online! WOOHOO!!

Best of all, it was FREE!! Now, this particular app only works with Nokia smart phones – it’s called JoikuSpot Light. The free version is Light, but you can  upgrade to the Premium edition for around $18 (which is a one time fee) to allow you to do more with it. Considering I just wanted to get online, properly check my email, websites, etc…I didn’t need anything else.

The Premium also allows for a secure connection, while the Light is not. So, if you were wanting to get online to do some shopping, you would really want the upgrade, which is very inexpensive, if you ask me!

I also got to thinking – if you just use a laptop or ipad, not a desktop, you could probably get rid of your Internet and just use your Phone. But, you do need unlimited Internet on your phone and you’ll also need to recharge it quite often, but for the small fee – think it would be worth it.

I don’t know of any other apps for other kinds of phones, as I don’t need them, but just do a quick search on your favorite search engine for “Free Wifi App For (then put the make of your phone here)”. I am sure you will find something that will work for you!!

So, have you ever thought to use your Smartphone as a Wifi Hot Spot? I want to know!!